Hey, I’m Casey – the writer and creator of Owner Income.

I’m a full-time web developer who enjoys writing about personal finance. In particular, I enjoy writing about experiences that have helped level up my financial fitness game in a way that is practical and sustainable.

Habits and Strategies

Additionally, I’ve picked up certain habits and have employed specific low-maintenance strategies that have enabled me to move closer to my idea of financial success (think r/financialindependence, specifically the FIRE – Financial Independence / Retire Early – method).

Not surprisingly, these habits and strategies have also taken root in other important “buckets” of my life such as time management, emotional and mental management, and physical fitness. For example, after learning the economics of time, income, and expenses, I’m convinced that time is our most valuable currency as it can never be made and we can never get it back once spent.

Looking at life through this lens, I’m hyper-aware of how and what I spend my time on. And whatever I am doing, I aim to get the most “life” out of it. In other words, I want to maximize the return on investment.

Schedule Time Off

As an aside, I believe it’s also healthy and important to schedule adequate leisure time to allow the body and mind to decompress. I found that this full-body reset is needed to maintain keeping up with the mental administration work that goes into managing all the details I talked about above. Breaks are necessary to make most things sustainable. Much like a muscle needs to rest and heal from a tough workout, the brain also needs to recover.


Over the years, I’ve also bonded with certain philosophies about life and how to think about things. Themes on humility, patience, desire, and human necessity are regularly meditated on.

The Owner Income Mission Statement

My mission at Owner Income is to explore practical and sustainable personal finance deeply, share insight, and normalize talking about personal finance. I’ve made this my mission so that truth-seekers like you have something real to refer to. This website will consist of a mix of both documentation and actionable information for practical and sustainable financial success.

My Background

I’m a 30-year-old living in South Florida. I grew up in this vacation state with two older brothers and was raised by an amazing single mom. My brothers and I are first-generation Americans. 

My elementary and high school education was completed at public schools. In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from UCF (Go Knights!). Throughout high school and college, I took up a few retail jobs to earn a little income. At this time I wasn’t exactly aware of how important personal finance was.

In early 2017, it started to sink in that in order for me to stay sane at a job I needed to find work that I enjoyed and also paid well. The monotony of bagging groceries or being a cashier was so mind-numbing, I knew I needed to work a job that allowed me to solve bigger problems than playing Tetris with people’s food to get it bagged just right. So, I took to Google with a list of job preferences in mind.

After browsing job descriptions, I committed to learning how to code so I could eventually break into the tech scene. From what I researched, a career in tech was exactly what I wanted – a constantly changing industry that required solving challenging problems, it had a high earning potential, and it was relatively flexible in terms of when and where I could work.

I learned how to code on my own with the help of free online resources – mainly freecodecamp.com. It only took a few months of learning basic HTML and CSS to land a job in tech, albeit it was a job where I primarily coded emails. You can read more on how I learned to code and get a job on freeCodeCamp’s website.

Presently, I work full-time as a front-end developer (fancy terminology for a web developer). I also write here at Owner Income – it’s my passion project that brings me joy and allows me to talk in-depth about things I care about.